Thank you for participating in the 2023 Compensation and Benefits Survey. The survey is now closed. Please check back for details on how to purchase the completed survey.

A Message From Western Growers

A key piece of our mission at Western Growers is to provide members with the assets you need to maintain and grow your operations. The Compensation and Benefits Survey includes key insights, analytics, and data that are vital to keeping pay programs, human resource practices and employee programs current and competitive. Most importantly, this type of agriculture-specific data is unequaled in our industry.

Acquiring and keeping the best work-ready, strategic, and forward-thinking employees are critical to the health, safety, and future of the food and agriculture industry. The survey will provide you with data to help you make informed business decisions in the areas of recruitment, retention, employment-related budget, and a competitive total reward strategy.

The survey is currently closed but be sure to check back for your opportunity to purchase the survey results. Those who contributed will receive the survey for free, a $2,500 value.


This is the only compensation survey specific to the California and Arizona specialty crop industry and available exclusively to Western Growers members. Those who contribute will receive the survey for free, a $2,500 value.

Data Specific to Your Field Workforce

The survey covers base pay, bonus, and piece-rate earnings for 23 jobs, and collects data regarding labor sources, H-2A visa programs, housing, and worker retention programs.

Easy Completion

Survey participation is fast and easy, with efficient online or spreadsheet options that can be completed at your convenience.

We Have a Winner!

WIN A 13” MacBook Air!

All members who participate in the 2023 Western Growers Compensation and Benefits Survey will be automatically entered to win a 13” Apple MacBook Air. At the close of the open survey period, one lucky winner will be chosen to receive this laptop, courtesy of Western Growers!

We have participated in the Western Growers Compensation Survey and the H.R. Practices Survey for approximately five years. The agricultural focus of the survey is vital to our organization as the surveys provide relevant compensation, benefit and H.R. practices data. We have come to rely on the data’s high quality and responsiveness of Western Growers to answer questions we have about the data. This type of information has been a challenge to find and we are happy that Western Growers surveys are available for our use.Laura Wood - Compensation Director, Reiter Affiliated Companies

Exclusive to Western Growers Members ONLY

The Western Growers Compensation and Benefits Survey is offered through Western Growers, for Western Growers members ONLY.

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As an HR professional and as a company wide strategy and goal, we strive to have competitive compensation and benefits for all of our employees. The data that Western Growers provides aligns with our strategies and goals with compensation and benefits. We look forward to continued participation in the Western Growers annual compensation survey and the data the survey provides on an annual basis!

Brett Zall, VP, HR, Fowler Packing Company