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Some frequently asked questions about the AgSalary.

The amount of time it takes to complete the survey will depend on the number of survey jobs you are able to match. It should take you 2 to 3 minutes to submit pay data for each employee per job title.
Participants must submit pay data for all jobs within their organization that correlate with the list of jobs that comprise the survey.
For each of the jobs on your list (survey jobs that you’ve matched), you will need to know the following:
  • Was the employee hired or promoted during the year?
  • Base pay as of January 1st (annual pay for exempt jobs and hourly pay for non-exempt jobs)
  • Is the employee eligible for an annual cash bonus? If yes, what was the dollar amount of the bonus?
  • Is the employee eligible for sales commission or sales bonuses? If yes, what was the dollar amount of the commission or bonus?
  • Is the employee eligible for piece rate pay in addition to their hourly pay? If yes, what was the total amount paid for the year in addition to their hourly rate?
  • Is the employee full-time or seasonal?
If you have a Human Resource software system or payroll provider like ADP or Paychex, you may already be receiving standard reports that provide base pay data for your employees. If not, request a report that provides base pay information as well as bonus data, if applicable. You can request a report from your HR software system, payroll provider or payroll department that shows the different types of earnings by employee. If you have your own in-house payroll department, they should be able to provide you with the required information. Alternatively, you may need to consult with your accounting or finance department.
You do not have to complete the entire survey in one sitting. You can save your work and come back to the survey at your next opportunity. Be sure and submit your survey once you have finished.
There are 2 options: You can complete the compensation survey online. Once you have completed your survey, click on the “submit surveys” button. You can also submit your compensation survey data by downloading the survey Excel file. The Excel file duplicates all the fields of the online survey, including drop-down menus to select responses. You may prefer to use the Excel file as an at-a-glance, comprehensive document to submit your pay data.

The H.R. Practices survey must be completed online.


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As an HR professional and as a company wide strategy and goal, we strive to have competitive compensation and benefits for all of our employees. The data that Western Growers provides aligns with our strategies and goals with compensation and benefits. We look forward to continued participation in the Western Growers annual compensation survey and the data the survey provides on an annual basis!

Brett Zall, VP, HR, Fowler Packing Company