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The Compensation & Benefits Survey brought to you by Western Growers.

About Industry Insights

Industry Insights has been a trusted research partner and advisor for associations and their members since 1980. Industry Insights is a group of CPAs, statisticians, and IT professionals who specialize in providing a variety of research and data analytic services which assist associations to respond to the informational and educational needs of their members. Industry Insights primarily focuses on studies related to compensation and benefits practices, financial and operating performance, and industry economic trends and forecasts.

Industry Insights, Inc.
6235 Emerald Pkwy
Dublin, OH 43016

For questions related to the Western Growers Compensation and Benefits Study, contact the Industry Insights team at OR you may reach out directly to the team leads below:

Greg Manns, CPA, CGMA, CITP
Senior Vice President
(380) 215-1074

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Karen Timmins
Western Growers
Sr. Vice President, Human Resources
(949) 885-2295

Industry Insights, Inc.
6235 Emerald Pkwy
Dublin, OH 43016

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As an HR professional and as a company wide strategy and goal, we strive to have competitive compensation and benefits for all of our employees. The data that Western Growers provides aligns with our strategies and goals with compensation and benefits. We look forward to continued participation in the Western Growers annual compensation survey and the data the survey provides on an annual basis!

Brett Zall, VP, HR, Fowler Packing Company